About Labs

Anomalia LABS is for everyone in the animation industry to earn valuable team experience, working on a real art project under the guidance of experienced directors, who bring in their passion for storytelling and mentoring.

We are moving away from a classical animation school that teaches animators only to animate and pushes them out into the wild. We aim at supporting our valuable professional community long term by nurturing artists’ professional skills as well as their personal passion for the craft. We believe animation artists should have a high-end boot camp to excel in their career. To work and study with professionals should be an opportunity given for as long as animation artists pursue their animation career.

Anomalia Labs for Animators

  • Work on a short film directed by top industry professionals
  • Get a studio like experience and personal supervision while working on a collaborative project.
  • Boost your animation skills through lectures while still working on a project.
  • Update your portfolio with new shots that are used in a real film.
  • Enhance your team work soft skills that are necessary for your animation career.
  • Network with other professionals from the region.

Our Goals

  • To boost competitiveness of central European animation industry with regards to its long and rich creative history
  • To develop a creative platform for professionals and their long term growth and inspiration.
  • To initiate development of international partnerships and co-productions in animation